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ChaosGames 2.0

[Owner] Nerfy a posted Mar 8, 14
New ChaosGames On the Way New Ip New Name NEW EVERYTHING
Custom Plugins Pvp and More. If you have a really good name for a server simple and easy comment here what the name should be. Sorry For the Down Time Im Working On Changing Everything.
aditvir Its me aditvir your old friend...... I would like to know the ip of the server and would like my staff rank back please

Server Changes

[Owner] Nerfy a posted Mar 1, 14
Currently Our Staff Team Is Working Very Hard to Change the server. We are currently working on new plugins, new spawns, new ranks, and a remake to this website. Chaos Games Is Currently Learning about ways to improve the server. If You Are Redirected here by someone, Join Our Server. ALSO Please Note we will Be working on REMOVING the port :25755 Thank You For Joining our server. All Staff Or Members Please Try to donate to our server even 1 cent helps,
Owner Of ChaosGames

Our Serber

[Owner] Nerfy a posted Jan 21, 14
We are a survival minecraft server with a twist. We use many cool plugins like craftbook, Towny, mcMMO, jetpack, and much much more. 

mcMMO : a RP like plugin used to gain better stats such as axe skills or sword talents that also gives you more perks to survive
Towny: a town system for safety and communities in minecraft (wars can also be started)
Nocheat: A cheat/hack prevention plugin
Powers: Powers for Donors a list can be found here
Morehearts: extra HP for donors
mcJobs: a jobs plugin just type /jobs
Battlearena: adds arenas without item loss and includes spleef
Citizens: Creates dynamic npcs and also has a sentry extension for more fun experiences
Craftbook: mechanisms and cool stuff for more info visit
Worldguard: to protect buildings
CoreProtect: Grief prevention
Skylands: sky dimension
Votifier: allows votes for diamonds and $50
Jetpacks: mostly for donors to get around skylands normal jetpack can be used by anyone
LWC: chest protections you can earn more as donor
HorseArmorCrafting: Allows crafting of horse items
PrivateHorse: Horse protection
Lottery: type /lottery buy (#) to buy a lottery ticket and hope you win!
EnchantAPI: allows more new enchants with cool effects you will have to test out!
EnchantMore: Integrates with enchantAPI allose classic enchants to do different things on certain items!

1. No cursing or action will be taken if it is excessive
2. No griefing 2 block grief to get in a base is allowed
3. Do not spam the server chat
4. Do not spawn kill people (you may be jailed or banned)
5. Do not harass players(this is bannable)
6. No hacks or xray (we allow optifine, rei's minimap, and damage indicators)
7. No exploiting

2 New Anouncements

[Owner] Nerfy a posted Jan 7, 14
Hello ChaosGamers :)
Nerfy Here With 2 New Announcements! 

1. We Now Support Mobile Phone Donations. Donate With Your Credit! Just Click add to cart then Next to paypal.

2. We Now Have Vote For Diamonds!  And We Will Be Having a new Top-Voter Rank With Donor permissions for a month!

So Get Voting!


[Owner] Nerfy a posted Dec 27, 13
Hey Guys :D
How Was Your Christmas?
Comment Below What You Got!
By the way We are Hosting a New Competition!
First Person To Donate Will Get TRIAL MODERATOR Rank.
We Will see how you do If You do well, You can Keep the rank!
If Not You Get Your Donor rank and 1 Million IN Game Money :)
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